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Street in Colors: the Mighty X Compact Camera System

Copyright © 2013. stFOTOgrafer. All Rights Reserved!

Copyright © 2013. stFOTOgrafer. All Rights Reserved!

For the past months, I have spent time on the streets with a mighty and adorable camera. Mighty because it packs with power. Adorable because it is compact, light and stylish. Best of all, I don’t have to sell one of my kidneys to buy it.

The beauty of this camera isn’t just its price or its retro design. The X-M1 features the same APS-C size sensor and processor that found on the Continue reading

Blinded by Colors

Imagine how depressing it would be if we lived in a colorless world. We would never have our chance to experience the beauties of Agfa Optima, Kodakchrome or Fujifilm Velvia. And Cibachrome would never exist…

Continue reading

Tips on Photographing… Everywhere

Copyright © 2012. stFOTOgrafer. All Rights Reserved!

Doesn’t matter which part of town or what country you go to, there is always a hidden story that is waiting for you to discover. If not, there is always a person who is itching to tell you a secret. Whatever it is, these hidden pieces of information will Continue reading


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