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About Lenses: Chromatic Aberration, Circle of Confusion & Depth of Field


Courtesy of Nikon

In photography, the lens is my eye while my eyes become the brain of the camera—the control center where the decisions about compositions and other adjustments are made. To me, the quality of the lens is more important than the amount of the pixels Continue reading

The Artistry with Light

From time to time, I host a café meet up and talk about photography. Today, a group member asks a very basic question that others seem too shy to bring up. He wants to know the definition of photography. “It’s an art to capture a subject by using camera and lens as a medium,” one replies. “It’s a way to document Continue reading

Hyperfocal Distance

There is nothing new about this hyperfocal distance technique. Sir William de Wivelesley Abney¹ mentioned about the hyperfocal distance formula in his book in 1881. This focusing concept continued to develop until Continue reading


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