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Ski Inn

Ski Inn by inkyfingerz
Ski Inn, a photo by inkyfingerz on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This shot was taken on my second trip to Salton Sea last year. The Ski Inn is the only restaurant in Bombay Beach. It’s kinda creepy looking from the outside. I think it’s closed when I approach its front door. Once I was inside, everybody turns and looks at me like there are antenna protruding on my forehead and my skin is green. But not for long, they go back to their booze and I become invisible.

It seems the Ski Inn is where people who live in this post-Armageddon wasteland go to eat patty melts and get drunk. The food isn’t tasty, but the experience is unique, especially if you want to go to a place that feels like a different planet. I found the experience rewarding.

Bombay Beach, CA. April 30th, 2011.


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